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This Week:


Rachel Keren is our guest scholar this shabbat at Davar Dec 15 16
Times of tfila and topics of her talks are as follows
4:15pm The Double Causality - Shiur on Bereshit and Jewish thought.
8:15am On Halachic Censorship and Classified Rules
Shiur in Midrash - "In the Merit of Righteous Women.



Upcoming Events:


Shani Tsoref - December 30 (shabbat morning only)


"Between heaven and earth" dance troupe - February 13th, 2018 (Tuesday night)




•Ron and Pam Ennis

•Sheryl and Ernest Elias in honor of Rachel Karen

•Michael Chernick and Miriam Stern

•Arielle Braude and Jackson Montana

•Judy Heicklen

•Marvin and Rosalie Waltuch

•Avi and Rhoda Freedberg

•Rochelle and Philip Goldschmiedt

•Sara and Ed Atwood, on the occasion of their amazing anniversary

•Susan Fader and Lawrence Krule

•Ruthie Levi and Bob Carroll

•Shari and Nathan Lindenbaum

•Laura and Jonathan Fleischmann

•Eliot and Rena Steigman

•Daniela and Laurence Schreiber

•Mati and Aaron Friedman

•Dr. Aviva and Gershon Distenfeld in memory of Gershon's father

•Eliezer and Ruthie Stavsky, in honor of RK Dina Najman

•Charlie and Joanne Bacall

•Andrea Hollander

•Robin and Josh Rochlin

•Debbie and Carmi Abramowitz

•Karen and Dror Futter

•Aryeh and Tikva Wiener

•Clark and Caryn Loffman

•Rella Feldman and Curtiss Pulitzer

•Ruven and Leah Escott

•Leora and Jonathan Kukin

•Zvi and Ida Plotzker In honor of Larry and Susan and all they accomplish for the Greater Teaneck Community!

•Cindy and Abe Steinberger

•Sandee Brawarsky, Barry Lichtenberg and Family in commemoration of the forthcoming fourteenth yahrzeit of Rifka Rosenwein, a’h.


Fri, December 15 2017 27 Kislev 5778