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August 7-8


Rabbi Dani Segal will be our scholar in residence this Shabat.


  • 7:00pm - Friday evening tfila  - Topic - Intro to halacha and agada and first sugiya, relevant to current movements and changes in the Israeli public and the attitude towards study and tradition
  • 8:15am shabat morning tfila Topic  - living with our past and future, and the idea of Teshuva
  • 7:15pm Shabat afternoon - Topic - about family and relationships – specifically communication issues

For anybody that would want to do reading in advance, see article, sent separately, written by Barry Wimpfhiemer – Author of 'Narrating the Law' pennpress/book/14814.html  The first 9 pages, lay out a lot of the theory that he will later apply to a specific story in the Talmud.

There is also an available a video by Moshe Halbertal for those that would want to watch – A lecture that he gave about Narrative and the limits of law in the Talmud 

If anybody is interested in Hebrew reading, Rabbi Segal will be referring a lot to work done by ד"ר שמואל פאוסט, in the the field of Aggadah. He has pulished a lot of short articles and the Author of 'אגדתא' a book applying his method to many Aggadot in the  Talmud, a lot of his shorter articles were written for the newspaper מקור ראשון in Israel, and are on their website.



October 16-17


Professor Moshe Halbertal will be our scholar in residence once again.



November 6-7


Rabbi Dov Linzer will return as our Scholar in Residence November 6-7 for 3 exceptional talks at the usual times.



Motzash, November 7


In addition, that motsei shabbat, Davar will host a live recording of Joy of Text.


The Joy of Text is a monthly podcast about Judaism, sexuality, and the intersection of the two. Co-hosted by Rabbi Dov Linzer and Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus and moderated by Ramie Smith, this podcast features in-depth conversations by rabbinic and medical experts about subjects that you’ll almost never hear discussed anywhere else, even online. Each episode also includes answers to questions from listeners like you.

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November 20-21


Rabbi Daniel Sperber will be our Scholar in Residence November 20-21.


January 29-30, 2016


Peter Beinart will be our Scholar in Residence.

Tue, 4 August 2015 19 Av 5775