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September 8th-9th, 2017  

Professor Simi Chavel will be our Scholar in Residence


He will deliver three talks at the standard times. 

1. Dreamscape in the Song of Songs

2. The art of quotation in Qohelet and Isaiah 40-48

3. The cost of narrative in Job

The Voice of Biblical Composition and the Composition of Biblical Voice: 

Literary Theory Biblical Criticism

In this series of three talks on biblical literature we will explore what makes a text, through the theoretical concept of the speaker of the text — the voice that tells the story, makes the argument, or expresses the feeling. This literary concept will give us the unusual opportunity to show literary coherence in the Bible critic's flagship examples of multiple authorship and editing: the Song of Songs, Qohelet, Isaiah 40–48, and Job. It will lead us to new views of what is happening in these works, two of which are genre-makers and two of which are genre-busters.




Tue, September 26 2017 6 Tishrei 5778